Procedural defence of our clients’ interests in court proceedings.

  • Analysis of actual or potential conflicts to define the most appropriate legal strategy to avoid prosecution or to face an upcoming judicial process under the most favourable conditions.
  • Negotiation for out-of-court solutions.
  • Drafting of legal settlement documents.
  • Intervention in mediation and arbitration processes, acting as mediators or arbitrators, or by providing advice to the client who attends a mediation or who submitted a dispute to arbitration.

Defense of clients’ interests in any procedures, phases, and appeals of any legal processes, either as plaintiff or as defendant in the civil field. For illustrative purposes:

  • Contract Law procedures: Compliance, termination, and nullity of all kinds of civil and commercial contracts (purchase-sale, lease, supply, distribution, agency, commission, partnership, financing…).
  • Tort law procedures: Non-contractual liability, claim for damages.
  • Real Estate and Construction law procedures: Declarations, domain claims and protection, registration of property, easements and rights in rem, and construction defects.
  • Corporate and bankruptcy law procedures: Judicial convening of meetings, challenging corporate agreements, responsibilities of company directors, declaration of voluntary or necessary insolvency, bankruptcy-related challenging proceedings, termination or reintegration, rating.
  • Banking and Consumer Law procedures: Debt claims, unfair terms, complex financial products.
  • Inheritance law procedures: Declaration of heirs, inheritance distribution, challenge of partition deed.
  • Heritage and socio-economic crimes
    • Robbery, theft
    • Frauds (disloyal administration, misappropriation, asset stripping)
    • Intellectual and industrial property crimes
    • Market and consumer rights crimes
    • Corporate offences
  • Crimes against the Public Treasury and the Social Security
  • Crimes against employee rights
  • Environmental crimes
  • Falsehoods
  • Drafting of protocols for Crime Prevention.
  • Analysis and assessment of client’s activity and its institutional, organisational, and production structure to identify any potential crimes risks and to establish prevention instruments and mechanisms.
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