Javier Morenodávila Angulo


He pursued his career in PriceWaterHouseCoopers (2001-2005), Garrigues (2005-2011) and as a founding partner in Morenodávila Fiscal & Legal (2011). In 2015, he took part in the creation of CARRERA Tax & Legal.

He is an associate lecturer in the University of Granada and in the Foundation of Legal Studies and Practices in Granada. He is a regular speaker at seminars and conferences organised by Granada Bar Association, the Chamber of commerce of Granada and Jaén, Granada’s Confederation of Businessmen or the Distinguished Economist Association of Granada, among others.

Academic Background

Degree in Law from the University of Granada.

Master’s Degree in Taxation from the European Studies Center Garrigues & Andersen (2001).


He has published several articles in local newspapers (Granada and Málaga).


Spanish and English

958 999 114